Wells Fargo

increasing instructional impact

Wells Fargo has been a key Consortium partner for decades, investing in organizational capacity on many levels. They are also integral partners for local education foundations throughout the state with team members actively engaged as board members and volunteers.

In recent years they’ve encouraged local education foundations to address persistent achievement gaps with a goal of achieving more equitable outcomes for all Florida students through the use of effective curriculum and strengthening instruction.

A pilot group of seven Consortium members interested in rolling up their sleeves with their school district partners received support from Wells Fargo and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2020-21 to learn how they can strengthen classroom instruction.

Deeper relationships and a greater understanding of what it takes to make systemic improvements resulted as education foundations supported school leaders with third-party diagnostics, learning walks, school culture initiatives and research to identify gaps and facilitate curriculum alignment.


“We’ve always had great relationships with teachers but hadn’t really engaged with district-level curriculum and professional development leaders. We learned a lot and are discovering potential areas to work together in greater alignment, building on our individual strengths and working toward mutual goals.”

Lisa Church, Champions for Learning (Education Foundation of Collier County)

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Our mission is to work with our members and partners to connect individuals, organizations and financial
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