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Competitive Grants Inspire STEM SOlutions

Building and programming robots to work in surgical centers, on farms and in public safety.  Measuring microplastics and nitrates in our waterways and exploring solutions with environmental scientists.  Experiencing how integral computer science and engineering are to the future of manufacturing and construction industry jobs.

These memorable learning experiences to explore STEM solutions are all made possible for Florida students by a single grant to the Consortium from the Motorola Solutions Foundation.

For the past nine years local education foundations have been invited to apply for $5,000 grants in a competitive process managed by the Consortium, giving Motorola meaningful statewide impact with one single grant. More than 22,000 students have been impacted, 580 teachers involved and 235 local workplace partners engaged.


“We believe in organizations that foster innovation and drive change, and we’re proud to be part of the positive impact they are making in the community.”

Monica Mueller, Motorola Solutions Foundation

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Our Mission

Our mission is to work with our members and partners to connect individuals, organizations and financial
resources, building the capacity and effectiveness of local education foundations